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Traffic Intelligence

Be in the know to manage human traffic more effectively and efficiently

For public transport system, human behavior does not vary.  On the contrary, they are predictable as it is the most affordable form of transports where commuter travels every day from work to home and vice versa. By understanding fundamentals, Trevis provide and integrate the technology with assistance to prescribed processes to make commuting on public transport system friendlier and safer.

It is not just about people counting.  It is about occupancy rate that results in crowdedness at venues.  Crowdedness resulting from high occupancy rate is not only inconvenient, but it is also dangerous and is a potent recipe waiting for disaster to happen.

The Trevis Traffic Intelligence (TTI) solution is one of IOT solutions offered by Trevis to scan for Wi-fi signals emitting from smart devices.  Its greatest advantage is that this solution is:

1) Unannounced,

2) it does not require the participation of the candidate and most importantly,

3) it's anonymous.  It simply performs its job to assess crowdedness in targeted locations.

TTI is fully cloud-based.  Just simply subscribe to the solution with the one-time payment for hardware and installation.


It’s affordable, it’s Easy-to-Use and it’s absolutely scalable!


Talk to Trevis Technology today to provide a safer, friendlier atmosphere to your commuters, guests, and residents.

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