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Green Building Intelligent Solution

You cannot managed what you don’t know!

Energy costs is forever on an upward climb.  A few percentage savings translate to significant monies saved over a period of time. Trevis herein offers the Green Building Intelligent Solution (GBIS) that is designed to seamlessly agglomerate data from multiple and geographically dispersed building locations.  This solution result in timely submission of building data that is both accurate and with full data integrity.

GBIS is one of the most sought after IOT solution by the Facilities Management (FM) sector of the building industry.  It offers up-to-date real time data of building energy metric at your fingertips where informed decisions can be made.  Any anomalies in energy inefficiencies trending data shall triggers alert where the users are prompted to take timely and appropriate actions to solving energy inefficiencies issues.

Routine maintenance is the things of the past.  FM simply need to focus on these energy inefficient equipment with immediate maintenance and expedite replacement priorities.  Thus, accomplishing more by using less resources.  Skilled FM expertise are not only expensive; they are very hard to come by these days.


Trevis GBIS is fully cloud-based.  Just simply subscribe to the solution with one-time payment for hardware and installation.


It’s affordable, it’s Easy-to-Use and it’s absolutely scalable!

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One-stop monitoring

  • IP based solution. One eye see all.

  • By farm, by array, by cluster

  • Central monitoring

  • Site monitoring


  • Buffered and forward technology

  • 99.99% data availability

  • Real-time detection of anomalies

User friendly

  • Easy-to-understand charts

  • Anomalies trigger alert

  • minimal monitoring

Easy to use

  • Quick to deploy

  • Affordable licensing model

Fully Mobile

  • Access securely

  • Anytime and anywhere

  • Real-time reports

Trevis GBIS serve all clienteles.  From a two room tuition centre to huge mix developments that uses Building management systems that monitors HVACs.  Trevis has all the hardware, middleware, sensors and gateways that will agglomerate building data to our platform seamlessly and efficiently.


Talk to Trevis Technology today to stay green, saved monies and save mother earth!

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