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Your preferred Process Automation Data Gateway 
from Device to Enterprise ... Delivered !

OPC Technology provides device connectivity and communication via standards based OPC protocol.
The OPC promise empowers customers with reliable data access to all major automation vendors systems. 
Our OPC suite is an enabling technology with software drivers and products that enable:

Our process automation solutions:
  • OPC Connectivity to DCS, PLCs, HMI and a host of other devices called OPC Servers

  • Historizing of key process data using Archiving applications such as OPC Process Historian, OPC buffer & history link, OPC file collector, OPC A&E Historian, OPC client for ODBC etc.

  • Analytic, Visualization & Reporting tools such as OPC Excel reporter, OPC Trender 

  • Diagnostic & Testing tools such as OPC Explorer, OPC HDA explorer, OPC A&E explorer, OPC Simulation server, OPC sniffer and OPC Analyzer

  • Process Data management and processing applications such as OPC Tunnellers, OPC Redundancy brokers, OPC Process Calculator, OPC Data Manager and OPC Funnel

OPC Products & Components may be used to service a specific need individually or architectured together to deliver enterprise level solution architecture servicing a wide variety of needs across a multitude of 3rd party vendors & applications. Below are a few example architectures:

OPC Hub and Spoke

OPC Hub and Spoke is a solution based on a number of individual OPC technologies to reliably transfer process and business data from remote locations to a central repository as well as securely trend and analyze your process data at the source location.

OPC Tunnelling

OPC Tunneller (with encryption & data compression) provides an easy, reliable and secure way to communicate between networked computers eliminating problems associated with DCOM configuration.

OPC Redundancy

ORB is designed for OPC applications that must use redundant hardware and/or software to achieve a high degree of communication availability and reliability. ORB can be retrofitter to current systems since ORB functions with any OPC Server regardless of vendor.

OPC Data Manager

ODM enables data transfer between control systems. ODM is a software application that transfers daa from one OPC server to another enabling sharing, mapping, bridging OPC data between two or more control systems (for e.g. a DCS and a PLC).

OPC Security Gateway

Since the amount of data required to complete a task is different for each personnel, the OPC Security Gateway provides Data Access with complete control over item browsing, adding, reading & writing thereby delivering the right data to the right people and preventing accidental or un-authorized OPC data access.

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