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Control Performance Monitor

Control Performance Monitor provides rapid ROI through improved overall operability and stability of process units, increased throughput and yield, reduced maintenance costs and improved product quality – all without additional capital investments or IT infrastructure.

  • Benchmark, diagnose, improve and maintain all of your control assets

  • Focus engineering and control maintenance on priority problems

  • Reduce maintenance costs by 30% using condition-based approach

  • Increase plant performance up to 5% with improved control and less variability

  • Reduce MPC deployment efforts up to 70%


Many technology vendors offer control maintenance point solutions that don’t address problems across all the layers of the plant control hierarchy or from different hardware vendors. Control Performance Monitor continuously monitors Online all of your control assets in real time and gives you a unified platform for detecting and correcting performance problems from instrumentation and regulatory controllers to analyzers, inferentials, and advanced process control applications, regardless of vendor.


Control Performance Monitor automatically identifies and prioritizes poor performers, reports and notifies the right people to take action and even provides the tools they need to diagnose and fix problems. From regulatory loop monitoring and tuning to automated step-testing and model identification for MPC applications, Control Performance Monitor is the only control monitoring and optimization solution you need to ensure that your Control Assets stay healthy.

Only Control Performance Monitor provides a complete set of tools to monitor, identify, diagnose and correct issues related to all of your control assets, from instrumentation to advanced process control applications:


  • CPM PID:
    targets instrumentation and regulatory control loop problems, prioritizes issues according to financial impact and provides a clear path to performance improvement


  • CPM TaiJi PID:
    provides engineers with the tools to execute closed loop step testing and tuning including simultaneous tuning of multiple loops


  • CPM MPC:
    provides plant personnel with tools to easily monitor the performance of advanced multivariable control systems to ensure sustained delivery of benefits


  • CPM TaiJi MPC:
    dramatically reduces MPC step-testing and model identification time for faster deployment and easier maintenance

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