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Operational Intelligence is a web-based data-visualization and KPI-dashboard product that enables better operational decisions by providing the right people with the data they need, when they need it and in the format they require. Using standards-based technology, Operational Intelligence connects to any real-time, historical and relational data sources. Coupled with a robust and configurable (vs. programmable) dashboard interface, data has never been easier to trend, chart, monitor, report and display


  • Securely access all your data, regardless of location or format

  • Seamlessly deliver information anywhere, anytime

  • Create & monitor enterprise KPIs for decision support

  • Enforce consistent operational and business processes

SOLAR FARM Monitoring & Analytics

Operational Excellence through Operations Intelligence!

The Trevis Intelligence Suite of IOT solutions for Solar Farms is focused on enabling operational excellence and continuous improvement of operational processes in alignment with corporate objectives. More than just data access, Trevis Intelligence suite integrates with workflow and decision making processes and seamlessly ties real-time systems and business systems.

GREEN BUILDING Intelligent Solution

Timely submission of building data accurate and with full data integrity

GBIS is one of the most sought after IOT solution by the Facilities Management (FM) sector of the building industry.  It offers up-to-date real time data of building energy metric at your fingertips where informed decisions can be made. Any anomalies in energy inefficiencies trending data shall triggers alert where the users are prompted to take timely and appropriate actions to solving energy inefficiencies issues.



To make commuting on public transport system friendlier & safer

It is not just about people counting.  It is about occupancy rate that results in crowdedness at venues.  Crowdedness resulting from high occupancy rate is not only inconvenient, it is dangerous and is a potent recipe waiting for disaster to happen.

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