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COVID-19 Crowd Control Auto-detection System

Crowd management by the use of smartphone detection.
COVID-19 Smart Temperature sensor_Trevis

Detect ios and android devices and in general any device which works with wifi or bluetooth interfaces


Measure the amount of people and cars which are present in a certain point at a specific time, allowing the study of the evolution of the traffic congestion of pedestrians and vehicles.


Application: public area, shopping mall, garden and streets


Integration with mobile apps for better COVID-19 reporting, tracking and tracing. 

COVID-19 Smart Temperature 2_TrevisTechn



To have a tool capable of knowing the movements of people and vehicles in different parts of the city

In this way, it will be possible to evaluate compliance with the measures adopted and implement improvements in them, if necessary.

This systemic could serve as a deterrent strategy for uncivil behavior that does not respect the restrictions of confinement.

The control effectiveness of a police patrol guarding a street is limited to the action time of that unit; with a technology installed 24 hours, this surveillance can be done in real-time and would allow crossing data with users detected in other locations.

COVID-19 Smart Temperature 3_TrevisTechn

How we do it:   


The system is composed of a single type of sensor called Meshlium Scanner that is installed in different points of the city and is capable of detecting WiFi and Bluetooth signals emitted by mobile devices of people and vehicles.

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