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Process Automation Solutions from Trevis Technology

The Trevis Suite of process automation solutions is focused on enabling operational excellence and continuous improvement of operational processes in alignment with your corporate objectives. Built along industry standards to integrate with your existing software and legacy equipment, the solutions we bring to you are designed to unlock the hidden power of your people, your plant and your process. Brought to you by engineers with vast process industry experience, our process automation solutions are currently providing real results for top-performing companies in south-east Asia.

Our process automation solutions:
  • Ensure process information is available in right format to decision-makers when & where they need it.

  • Enable real-time knowledge of the condition and performance of critical assets.

  • Provide personnel tools they need to analyze process and drive it to safety, reliability & profitability

Alarm management - It's all about SAFETY!

A solution for Safety & Compliance Management for your Operating facility.

Trust our Alarm Management Services to deliver value in improving your safety initiatives and optimizing your plant alarm performance. With several installations with enterprises and Oil & Gas companies within south-east asia, our engineers will guide you through your alarm management initiatives to deliver the following:

✔ vendor neutral software to capture, benchmark, analyze and report on A&E raw data from a host of DCS & PLC systems automatically and in real-


✔ consulting services over the entire alarm management life-cycle including

  • facilitating alarm rationalization exercises with your team and assisting the design of an alarm philosophy

  • implementing of alarm manager and management of change (MOC)

  • hands-on training/workshops

  • alarm audits for benchmarking & assessment of your alarm performance


✔ Ensure your alignment with global alarm management practices so your system is always compliant with industry's most relevant standards for       e.g. EEMUA 191, ISA 18.2, API 1167 etc

Controller Performance Monitoring - It's all about Asset Effectiveness!

Do NOT let your Operating facility lose money due to poor Control Asset Performance.

Control Performance Monitor is a condition-based application solution that monitors, identifies, diagnoses and helps remedy control asset issues plant-wide. It is the only vendor-independent software product in the market that leverages universal connectivity and offers monitoring, tuning and modeling capabilities within one platform.

Control loop monitoring & tuning, modelling and multivariate step testing capabilities, coupled with the ability to automatically collect and analyze data, allows Control Performance Monitor to not only improve control performance but sustain it as well.

✔ Improve control loop (PID) and APC performance

✔ Reduce PID loop tuning and APC Implementation costs, effort and time

✔ Enable condition-based maintenance of control assets thereby reducing maintenance costs

✔ Reduce process variability and thereby elevate throughputs for profitability

Let our control asset optimization engineers show you how

OPC TECHNOLOGY - Let's meet your Connectivity Challenges !

Whether your requirements range from establishing connectivity to a range of DCS, PLCs or HMI, or alternately Process Historizing, or overcoming COM-DCOM issues in data communication over different networks and firewalls, or establishing redundant architecture to improve data availability & reliability, we have the solutions and expertise to enable you establish an internationally standards based communication & connectivity infrastructure !

As GOLD partner of MatrikonOPC, we provide device data connectivity based on the OPC standard. The enabling OPC Technology empowers customers with reliable data access to all major automation vendors’ systems, so data can be leveraged upon and translated into knowledgeable decision making information. Using MatrikonOPC, we address both business and technical needs of our customer. MatrikonOPC is a vendor neutral connectivity supplier and it enables Trevis Technology to custom build specialized applications with excellent ROI models for its customers. These solutions integrate with workflow & decision making bridging the gap between real-time and business systems and ensure accurate process information is available in a useful format to decision-makers when and where they need it.

Trevis Technology - Process Automation Solutions - Business Alliances
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