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Operations Intelligence (OI) is browser-based connectivity, visualization, and reporting solution for Plant operating owners that transforms real-time raw data into decision making information.

It bridges data flow across the various systems of an enterprise including real-time and business systems, processes this data into complex calculations and showcases processed information on a user-friendly visualization platform thereby integrating workflow and decision making.

Through OI, we operate to deliver key solutions in the following areas:

  • Inventory Management and Production Accounting

  • Plant Performance KPIs, Production/QC - Monitoring & Alerting

  • Energy Management & Appraisal/Audits, Emissions Monitoring/ Environmental Compliance

Operational Intelligence is a justified need!
  • Visibility of information across battery limits and different levels of the enterprise is critical to modern day operation.

  • Management of interflow of RAW data and formatted information across layers of varied applications is a challenge.

  • RAW Data  in itself is not sufficient to promote knowledgeable feed back to process unless it is processed via  a REALTIME complex Calculation Engine.

  • The solution enables visualization and monitoring of critical operating parameters on the Business Network, thereby assisting effective decision making


Mobile Operational Intelligence extends functionalities to the latest Smart Devices such as smart phones and tablets. All the KPI’s and Business decision making dashboards can be visualized.

Smart Operational Intelligence also enables to capture data by taking the device in hand and entering data straight into the system.

Mobile Operational Intelligence extends the Operational Intelligence Solution to Smart Devices. Since Operational Intelligence is a web based system, the existing web technology solution is extended to smart devices such as tablets by optimizing the pages for device size and re-designing with the components that are compatible with Mobile Devices. The latest smart devices platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows RT platforms do not support JAVA applets and hence a mobile presentation platform is built to extend the solution do mobile devices.

With Mobile Operational Intelligence  you can not only view the latest KPI’s but also key in data like a data logger to store in the central server. Also this can print reports if your smart devices have the capability to connect to printer.

A short list of KPI’s that can be viewed or input on the system are Plant Performance, Measurements, Production Performance, Commodity Balance Report, Utility Dashboard, Environment Dashboard, Safety Dashboards, QC alerts and triggers, Energy management dashboards & KPIs.

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