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All oil, gas and utility enterprises involved in large scale project deployments are seeking smarter means for cost containment, operations optimization and productivity enhancement in pursuit of increasing their financial bottom lines. Establishing a centralized project management office (PMO) framework supports the aforementioned objectives from a strategic perspective. However management support is extremely crucial for such initiatives as wide ranging business rules and processes need to be introduced to ensure compliance by all parties in the company. At the same time all parties need to have the flexibility to operate without being overly suffocated as in a constitutional system.

PEI gives you the control you need in a multi-project, multi-location, multi-team project execution environment to enable quick deployment decision making by high-level executives thereby ensuring you stay on delivery target specs, time-lines and budgeted costs !

  • Securely access all your Project data, regardless of location or format

  • Seamlessly deliver Project Information anywhere, anytime

  • Create & Monitor enterprise PROJECT KPIs for decision support

  • Enforce consistent Project Workflow and Business processes

RISK Management
  • Facilitates informed risk adjusted decisions so that the measures are in compliance with risk charter

  • Provides an ideal balance in managing risks between costs and benefits

  • Computations for Risk Exposure Rating, Risk Severity Rating and Risk Escalation Ratings on a periodic basis

Be Informed of Project Health ! - 'Project Health Ratings'
  • PEI subjects each project through it’s set of algorithms, logic and weightage parameters to arrive at Project Health Ratings. And these are customizable per organization.

  • Provides senior and middle management with visibility on current and future project status and if the project KPIs will meet expectations

  • Management can prioritize the diversion of energy and efforts towards projects with relatively poorer project health ratings

  • Provides latest status and significantly reduces schedule, cost and quality overruns  enhancing revenues and opportunities

Centralized Project Management
  •  Easier management with an executive view of the processes involved in the capital intensive design, installation, execution and commissioning activities since wrong decisions have serious cascading consequences

  •  A single version of the truth available to the Project team that has to perform multi-tasking roles often beyond their domain expertise function

  •  A complex ecosystem with several departments, divisions and teams working on a unified goal is brought under one unified project management framework

  •  Each project with its unique set of external and internal considerations is brought under a singular view so as to enable quick decisions by top level management

  •  Manage accountability creep wherein major decision makers change due to employee transfers, given the long time-span of such implementations

  •  Centralized information repository where all processes, procedures, standards, best practices and frameworks are documented for access by various personnel

  • Centralized collaboration, reporting, monitoring and oversight mechanism in the execution of large project undertakings by establishing definitive business rules and mechanism for resolving various constraints and conflicts. Most project fail or delay as there is no such mechanism thereby resulting in adhoc measures to be adopted without clear understanding of cascading consequences

Mobile Project Intelligence

Mobility through use of next generation broadband networks, smart mobile devices and ICT infrastructure has become a pervasive reality that is impacting all aspects of energy, utilities, oil & gas projects. 

PEI enables comprehensive mobility for use by both management as well as field staff for project throughout the project life-cycle.

Make Informed Decisions
  • Use a single, universal client tool across your entire enterprise to manage projects

  • Roll up data to provide a digital dashboard

  • Create user-specific views to instantly display relevant information

  • Manipulate and display data in any format to create actionable information

  • Automate event notification, report generation and delivery

  • Integrate Project with business applications

  • Create an environment that promotes faster collaboration within and across departments

Leverage Project Information
  • Export data easily to productivity tools like word processor and spreadsheet applications

  • Enable the capture of project data and knowledge through web-based forms

  • Eliminate need for multiple, application-specific thick clients while saving on purchase and maintenance costs

  • Access any project  data source bi-directionally

  • Create platform-independent project data access

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